How to Maintain Your Washing Machine

How To Select The Right Company To Repair Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine offers a lot of support to your household and its value is undeniable. That said, it does require maintenance to help it function to its best ability and reduce your spendings on repairing any malfunctions or replacing the washer altogether.

Interested in finding out how to maintain your washing machine? You’re in the right place because our washing machine repair experts are here to share their tips!

Wash the Washing Machine

As ironic as it may sound, your washing machine also needs washing. This step is often overlooked, but it’s an important one. The soap residue and chemicals from the detergent can easily create a layer that traps bacteria, which can clog the inner system and prevent the machine from working as it should.

For the cleaning process, you can buy a washing machine cleaning product or make it yourself by blending vinegar, hot water and baking soda. Both of these should be run through an empty load.

Prevent Mould and Mildew

As most of us already know, mould grows in dark and moist areas, and your washing machine is no exception. If preventative measures are not taken, you can be sure that mould, followed up with unpleasant odours, will make an entrance.

So every time that you’re done with using the machine for the day, make sure to wipe down everything that can get damp, such as the lid, rubber seal, drum, and detergent dispenser. Don’t forget to leave the washer door open after every cycle to ventilate the washer.

Don’t Overload

Although washing as many clothes as possible can be tempting, don’t do it. Overloading the washer can damage the machine’s drum and lower its efficiency. And if that happens, you will notice your clothes are not coming out as clean as they should, and you can increase your energy bills by running a cycle twice.

Instead, you should wash heavy or big items in small loads to make it less difficult for the washer to do its job.

If your washing machine or dryer suffers a fault, you will need a reliable washing machine repairs company.

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