Typical Costs For Washing Machine Dryer Repairs In Perth WA

Typical Costs For Washing Machine & Dryer Repairs In Perth, WA

In Perth, the average household can do about 6 to 10 laundry loads every week. Therefore, a working washing machine and dryer is very essential for any home. The last thing you want is for your washing machine to break down or for the dryer to take longer than usual before finishing its cycle.

Several things can go wrong with your washer and dryer, and you may need the help of a professional. A reliable professional, like Perth Washers, will fix your appliance in good time so you can use it once again in no time. The average cost of repairing a dryer is $160 to $650, depending on the issue.

In this article, you will learn the average cost to repair your washing machine and dryer in Perth.

How Much Does the Washing Machine Repair Project Cost?

We all expect our washing machines to give us 100% all the time. However, just like any other machine, they require maintenance. They all start losing efficiency after some time.  You will begin to notice that your clothes are not coming out as clean as they used to. The major reason for this is scaling which occurs when there are micro-residuals present in water. To get rid of scaling, you will need to use a strong machine cleaner which will not damage the plastic or metal parts of the machine. Buy a well-known brand of machine cleaner to avoid any surprises.

#2. Rubber Gasket Cleaning

Wondering the standard costs for washing machine repair in Perth? Here is a breakdown.


Average Repair Cost

Washer won’t spin




Washer won’t start


Washer Won’t Drain


Hose Replacement

$100 or more

Average Washing Machine Repair Costs Based on Type

Here is the average cost for the type of washing machine you own:

Type Average Cost
Semi Automatic $100-$200
Front Loader $200-$300
Top Loader $150-$225
Portable Washing Machine $80-$150

How Much Does the Dryer Repair Project Cost?

Here are the average repair costs for the most common dryer problems.

Part Total Cost
Timer $160 –$240
Thermal Fuse $120-$200
Heating Element $350
Gas Igniter $150-$280
Drum Glide $80-$160
Drum Seal $100-$800
Control Board $100 or more

Generally, the cost of repairing a dryer in Australia may cost about $160 to $650. Of course, this depends on the type of repair.

Some services may charge a flat labour rate while others charge based on the type of repair. Paying a flat rate can be cost-effective especially if the repair issues are major. Also, you may need to factor in the cost of hiring an electrician if your appliances are inbuilt.

Factors Affecting Cost for Washing Machine & Dryer Repairs in Perth, WA

There are several factors that can determine the cost of repairing your washing machine & dryer in Perth. These factors include

#1- Type of Repair

The cost to fix a washing machine will depend on the type of problem and repair service needed. Small parts that can be removed and repaired with ease won’t be very expensive. On the other hand, parts that need disassembling and reassembling can be costly.

#2- Type of Problem

The washing machine problem is a significant factor that affects the repair cost. Some of the common washing machine problems include; inability to start, won’t spin, won’t drain, leaks, shaking, banging noises, unbalanced, and stuck doors. Some of the most common problems for dryers include not turning on, not heating up, overheating, or being noisy. Technicians charge differently for each problem.

#3- Make and Model of the Machine

There are different types of washing machines and the type you have may affect the cost of repair. For instance, if your appliance is a front-load washer, then you can expect to pay more than one who owns a top-load washer.

The cost of repair for front-load washers is generally high because they are equipped with sophisticated components like control panels. Also, portable and semi-automatic machine washers are less expensive to fix while the integrated washing machine is the most expensive.

Something else to bear in mind is the brand of the appliance. Brands that have innovative features like steam and self-cleaning will typically cost more than their counterparts. Besides, units from brands like Samsung and LG cost more since their machines and parts have tariffs.

#4 – Accessibility of the Appliance

Generally, washing machines & dryers that are quite easy to get are more likely to cost less when compared to those that are difficult to access. Accessibility of the wiring is another factor that will determine the cost to fix the appliance. It will cost you less to fix if the wiring is simple and easy to access.

#5- Quality and Type of Parts Needed

Are the types of parts needed for the repair job easy to find? If not, technicians will typically charge more. This is usually the case when you are looking for new parts of old appliances. In this case, you could consider used parts, which are easy to find and less expensive.

#6- Location

The cost of washing machine & dryer repair will vary with the location and the demand in that location. If your area is more densely populated, then you can expect to pay more. This is also true for areas with high demand as plumbers will charge more.
Also, most professionals charge their fees based on the ease to get to your home and the spot of your appliance. Difficult to access machines may end up costing you more.

#7- Callout Fee

This is the fee that nearly all technicians charge to cover for their time and any expense they have incurred. This may vary from one technician to another.

#8- Sealed Drum

Some washing machine models are designed with sealed drums. Replacing the parts for such a machine, including disassembling the drum can be very expensive. Hence, this is a crucial cost determinant for washing machine and dryer repairs.

Washing Machine & Dryer Emergency Repair in Perth

Most reputable washing machine & dryer technicians offer same day appliance repair in the Greater Perth region. This means that the specialists can attend to you even in the oddest hours.

While the standard call-out fee may cost around $80 to $120, the call out fee in the Perth area may be high depending on various factors. For instance, it may depend on the travel distance, days needed to complete the job, labourers travelling to and from your location, petrol required, and time of the emergency.

Keep in mind that you may need to pay more when a professional is dispatched to you at 2 AM than when they come later on. Also, be cautious of services that do not charge call-out-fee as the cost may be added to their quote as a hidden fee.


Is it better off repairing or replacing an old washing machine?

When determining whether to repair or replace your old washing machine, inquire about the cost of repair and compare it with the machine’s current value. It would be a cost-effective solution if the repair fee costs 50% of the new unit’s price and if it still has several service years.

In most cases, the cost of repair may be high and you are better off purchasing a new model.

Is repairing a dryer a good investment?

Repairing a broken dryer can be cost-effective compared to purchasing a new appliance and installing it. However, if the dryer breaks down often and is older than 10 years, then replacing it would be the best possible option.

Is it possible to undertake a washing machine DIY repair project?

While you may undertake a DIY repair project for your washing machine, it is usually not advisable. To prevent further damage and get the best possible results, let the professionals handle the repair.

Calling a professional to examine the issue instead of attempting to fix it yourself can be less costly. They are trained and skilled at identifying different problems and they can fix your unit much faster. Besides, some repair projects may not be very expensive since they are covered under the washer’s manufacturer warranty or home warranty.

When should I replace my dryer?

A good rule of thumb is to replace your dryer after 12 years of use. You may also want to replace your dryer if the cost of repair is more than the price of purchasing a new appliance.

How do I save money on my appliance repairs?

It can be difficult to determine the repair costs until a professional inspects the appliance and then gives you a quote. If the problem is minor, consider a repairer that charges based on the issue and not on a flat rate.

However, if the repairs are major and they charge a flat rate, see to it that it includes the labour, parts, and call out fee. This will save you a considerable amount of money.

Nonetheless, you can still be able to save money if a professional can suggest ways to repair the appliance without him/her coming to your home. For instance, your washing machine may not work because you didn’t turn on the tap. If the repairer can figure this out, they will save you from paying the call out fee.

Also, it is advisable to hire an authorised repairer if your unit is still under warranty. In most cases, reputable appliance professionals have arrangements with various appliance brands. Some repairers may not charge you anything for the repair while others will only charge you for parts and labour.

Washing Machine & Dryer Costs-The Bottom Line

Although it may seem expensive, hiring a professional to troubleshoot and repair your washing machine and dryer problems can prevent more damage and save you more money in the long run.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to contact Perth Washers for the most reliable washing machine & dryer repair services at affordable costs.

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